Hi, I’m Dr. Jessica Scott Pisano PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, CIDN, owner and founder of The Fusion Physio, physical therapist, coach, fitness enthusiast, yogi, foodie, lover of local, wife and boy mama. Like many, I’ve pursued a career in physiotherapy because I love to help people, but mostly because I have never been very good at sitting still or being told what I can’t do. 

If you found me here, it’s probably because: 

  • You want a plan with a can do focus.     
  • We’ve chatted multiple times in passing about that issue going on with your [insert body part here], and you’re finally ready to invest in your health and wellness with a provider you can trust.
  • You've decided you or someone you love needs to work with someone who has experience, will listen, understand, and validate what they’re going through.
  • Maybe you’ve heard me or a member of my team preach about our passion for a proactive rather than reactive approach to healthcare, or the importance of injury risk reduction. With this mindset, we save time, resources and reduce suffering by promoting wellness and consequently moderating disease, dysfunction and downtime needed to recover from an injury.  
  • Or possibly you have attended one of my group fitness classes and recognize that I know my stuff because I can’t help myself from nerding out about breathing techniques or anatomy while on the bike, yoga mat or at the barre.

As an active and working mom, I understand what it’s like to feel pressed for time, energy, and resources, all while overcoming an injury, lack of sleep or better yet, both. Trying to be present and live fully from a place of fatigue and discomfort can be frustratingly exhausting and taking a holistic approach to recovery is as essential as working with someone who can provide an individualized and one-on-one lifestyle-specific care plan. In fact and more importantly, it’s the real deal. Not in pain? Even better! At The Fusion Physio, we pride ourselves in helping you perform and live life at a level beyond what you think is capable! After all, you are capable of amazing things! 

Dr. Jessica Pisano


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Dr. Jessica Koletsky


Hi, I'm Dr. Jessica Koletsky PT, DPT, physical therapist, old dancer, mama of 2 rambunctious boys, and lover of all things health and wellness. Throughout the years, my passion has always been to live a healthy lifestyle and practice what I preach. I do my best to educate all of my clients about what this means, not just in terms of exercise, but overall wellness. I believe prevention is the best course of action. Why not address something before it becomes a problem!? This makes more sense and saves you time and energy in the long run. When things do happen...and they always do, you'll be better prepared to deal with them and, hopefully, recover faster. I like to be proactive when treating my clients and address the whole person-- after all your body works together and everything seems to be connected. I was a dancer growing up and danced all the way through grad school. I learned a lot about how my body moves, correct alignment, and use of my core as I move from a young age. I love using movement to help people heal which is why physical therapy seemed to be a great fit. What I also realized was how much most doctors would just tell dancers to 'stop dancing' if they got injured. They also didn't understand the rigorous activities and training required of dancers. When I toured around with Broadway shows as their PT, I helped the performers keep performing as much as possible safely. I did a lot of maintenance body work sessions to keep the performers injury free. It's so effective, I often thought I should offer these body maintenance sessions to anyone - people who are physically active all day, people who work at a desk all day, stay at home moms, or anyone in between. Our bodies are our greatest instrument and we only get one - let me help you take care of your body so you can keep moving!

Dr. Jessica Koletsky


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